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A Letter To My Dearest Friends



   August 27th 2016

Hello Friends,

(credit to Elizabeth ツ)

I feel likes it’s been so long since I left the absolutely historical A-Town, and said good-bye, slash see you soon.

But it’s only been around three months, which is aaalmost 5 months, so half of 10 months, so pretty much 10 months, which means that time is going to fly by soo quickly and in no time I will have lived the same amount of time back in Germany, as I have spent with the bestest team ever, and in Aiken. And that. That just seems way too little of time spent on/in/for/with(?) a life I miss very dearly. I think about you and it every. single. day.

But moving on from my reminisce, I hope that you are doing absolutely amazing and are killing current XC season (there’s nothing else I would expect tbh).

And so many of you are FREAKING SENIORS now. THAT is insane (and probably very much work loaded, as I would imagine, but I bet you are killing that as well).

Now that everybody is reading this letter (is someone reading it out loud or are you passing it around? I’d love to know right now), it seems like you successfully got the clues right and I am glad that it took this long, because I did not know where and how to start this letter and it took me forever to begin.

I really can’t explain how much I miss you.

Ya’ll (yes I did it, I can imagine David freaking out a bit here) are the coolest friends ever. So good news first (only ever good news in this letter though), get your guest bedrooms ready, because someone will be house hopping…kinda soon?!

I wanted to surprise as many people as I can, especially ALL the teachers, including John and Kayla (and you guys). I’m not sure if I want to keep my visit a secret or not. I gotta think about it. So please keep it low for now. I’ll tell you more soon.

I don’t have dates yet either.

However I will tell you soon enough, so we can make plans to go to the Big Mo and the Food Moe and to the roof of every mall near us.

I can’t wait!! (How’s the Aiken Mall doing btw?)

The moment I was back in Germany, my thoughts were already on the next plane back. Assuming that they ever left. Which I don’t think so.

I’m sorry if (more like that) this letter is not the big surprise everybody was hoping for. But the Aiken City Council just didn’t like my plans for the statue (apparently James Francis Byrnes’ is more important, but I totally agree). (also, it took me forever to find out his name)

I just miss the team so much.

Post-race Moe’s.

Crazy bus rides with awesome music.

Frelicia’s and Fredricka’s dancing and crazily wonderful personalities. (side note, I am the person who is best at whipping and nae nae’ing’ here, can you imagine that, lol?!)

Car rides with you, Biz.

Shrek references. Chilly Dillies and the Big Mo.

Ultimate Frisbee (I don’t have time to practice here, so don’t judge me when I come back).

Jaleel’s crazy, fluffy hair.

J squared.

Almost getting run over in downtown Aiken, because that is where we stupidly have to do long runs and/or because talking is much more fun than watching traffic…Squeeze away much?

Karlie’s bow or when David’s dad (greetings!!) wore her tutu.

Lunch together and when the tinfoil FINALLY was wrinkle-free. Endless fights about oreos?!

Mr. Luton’s test-prep game, when David took soo long to answer but still got the point. (I could’ve answered (at LEAST) twice meanwhile..)

I feel like going on like this forever.

But to get to the point.

Being back in Germany now, thinking back, I could easily spent at least junior year at AHS and not be bothered by the still very old buildings one bit. I miss my life with you and I would have never wanted to leave. Honestly, I don’t understand how it possibly could make sense to ONLY have one year of your life for that experience. I want to come back RIGHT NOW. (Let me just check my calendar, we still have 16 days of summer break, I’ll see what I can do)  ツ

Soo, to end this letter now..we better stay in touch. For runs and car rides and movies.

Lots of Love



P.S: I’m still working on the bestest watch tan there is.

P.P.S: Also, I wanted to write this by hand but I’m pretty sure it would have been the real struggle.



homesickness wout

Homesickness is weird.

It is this feeling in your chest, sometimes in your tummy, a lot in your heart.

It pulls you back to a place.

Back to normal, back to casual, back to usual.

It forces you to go back to easier.

But life is not always easy.

Life is exploring, challening, not excepting excuses.

Life. Is. Beautiful.

 Homesickness is not where you are, but with who you are.

So go out, meet people. Laugh. Cry. Try.

But stay and be yourself and master the challenges.

May there be a culture-shock, a falsefriend, no time with family and too much alone.

 Go through it, push through it and find the beauty after every though way.

Just like climbing the ugly wall of a mountain just to enjoy the most beautiful sunset of your day.

Your life.

Hug the unknow and welcome it. Form it to your own little journey.

Yes there will be homesickness.

But isn’t seeing the world so much cooler?


spoken form + more tips



I am weird. One of the weirdest persons you will ever meet.

I don’t have favorite animals or colors. I used to say white, or green, or red,..oh and…..

I like change. To change my room, my interests, the change of anything around me. New experiences. But sometimes that change is too fast for me.

I love a lot of things but don’t always take enough time to do them. Reading, there are so many good books out there. At best when there is a thunderstorm outside and I have enough time to read a book in one sitting. Next to me tea, or coffee. But only one cup, otherwise I get weirder.

Just like after 9pm, that gets weird, ask my friends.

I prefer talking over writing, the old-fashioned way, but I mostly prefer listening to the other person. I have so many things I would like to talk about but never really know how to. Old-fashioned, yes. Sometimes I just want to grab every single electronic device and bann it forever. I hate how I sometimes spend too much time in the web. I doesn’t lead anywhere. Just stop.

I need to keep things tidied up and done as soon as possible. Homework, my room, actually everything. Unless it’s a phone call with a stranger. Awkward….

I like saying that I am too shy for things, but surrounded by my closest friends I blossom up like a bamboo ( they can grow to their full size in only 24h!!…yup its past 9pm right now..)

I can’t sit still for too long. I love fresh air, the kind of air after a storm and a lot of rain. After the leaves are bright green again and the dirt is washed away. Anything can touch my heart. From an old person on the street to a big dog waiting for their owner in front of a store.

I like listening to the birds in the morning and the crickets at night, the sound of a storm blowing through the tree crowns and the bees lured by the sun. Or just sit back at a concert to enjoy an orchestra.

I need some decent time alone but hanging around the family is the best thing for my soul.

So I am weird. Weird but unique.

spoken form