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The Packing Guide

packing guide

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You need advice on packing? Yeah I get you, the luggage is always too small, you forget at least one essential thing for the holidays or you just need some structure while packing!!! But here we go, I collected some tips to help you with these problems!

A lot of them are actually based on me, doing an exchange year!

I am partly writing this too, because I can look at it when packing later on, to not forget these things myself.

The Suitcase…

It is always better to pack things into a “smaller” suitcase. Yeah, your parents might have this awesome big one that you NEED to bring with you, but wait for a minute! Choose the smaller suitcase, you can’t pack too much into something small (thinking about the weight too) and it is cuter anyway ;)

…with Clothes

Do not pack too many! Better is less, because you can always buy something in the city that you are staying at! Especially for exchange students, pack a bit of everything, chic clothes for special occasions you may be heading to, up until the real cozy stuff.

I will link a playlist down below, with more packing tips, how to pack small and “checklists”.

The Carrie-On

This time, you can choose something bigger.  If you participate on an exchange, pack a fresh set of clothing, that you can change into, before meeting your host-family. That way you can snuggle up on your plane-seat in your favorite pair of sweatpants.

For girls, don’t forget a little make-up bag, that way you don’t have to stress about applying make-up before the flight but can do this later on.

And don’t forget to buy/bring some snacks a long. Oh, and books! A good book can save a long journey!! For more details check THIS POST out.


Here I am for travel-sized all the way! Especially for all those exchange students and the short-trip-takers. They just save up so much space and, I mean come on, who doesn’t buy them because they are mini-editions of big products and look way cuter!

Pack a mini-product of everything, because you can buy the normal-sized products overseas! No need to waste space and weight.


And now, have fun packing!

Do you have any more tips and tricks? Tell me down below!! :)



The Minimalist Summer Packlist


I am a minimalist. A proud one! I sort (not only) my closet out very often. I have to say it is getting less and less… But I like it. Very, very much. And so I though about making this post!

I also came up with the idea after traveling to Crete, as I packed way too much (I ended up wearing the same three outfits that week). So here is what you will only need for a week spent in the south of Europe in summer.


Basic-Colored Shirts –
they pair fine to anything and  two to three options are totally
fine, as you will probably also just enjoy the sun in your bikini packlistthe whole day.

Sweater  –
always take one with you at night time, no matter how warm it seems! That is something I learned in my years of going out at night. You don’t want to freeze your butt off, while enjoying an awesome dinner.

Jackets/Cardigans – a jean jacket for the same reason as the sweater, in case you wanna change it up. The cardigan is for a colder morning, when you wake up early and maybe want to take a walk on the beach or so. Or if there is air-conditioning at the breakfast-buffet.


Shorts – for obvious reasons…you need some pants! Two different colored ones is the best way to go, as you can change up an outfit!

Long pair of loose jeans – here again, if it gets colder or if you want to look somewhat chic”er” for a dinner.

Dress – to quickly throw it over, if you don’t  want to walk around in your bikini.


Sneakers – in case you want to explore some sights. I always use my nikes (free 5.0) and you DON’T sweat at all in them.

Ballerinas – for restaurant-dinners and any other occasions for that you need to look nice.

Flip Flops – because they are comfortable and you can’t walk long on hot paths around the hotel. And because it is holidays


Bikini, Sunglasses, Hat – to swim, tan, and not be disturbed by the sun.

All the clothing items are very, very similar to what I took with me to Crete, so check out my outfits in my posts, in case you want to find some inspiration :)


Carry-On Travel Essentials

carryon front

 The carry-on bag or backpack is SO important. I would even go that far and say that it is more important than your luggage..in some ways. Although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a bag but rather a backpack, here are my carry-on essentials for traveling!

1. The Bag(pack)

..see what I did there ;) As I said, I wouldn’t use a bag, as it will hang heavy off of one shoulder and you will drown in the weight, carrying it everywhere. Just use a medium-sized backpack, it is easier to carry and chances are lower, that something falls out of it.

2. Extras

Notebook – Pen – Toiletries – Sunglasses

A small notebook and a pen to write, if something, anything, comes to your mind. The previously mentioned toiletries, to make you look fresh and more alive. And sunglasses, to keep your eyes from hurting, if you look straight into the sun while exiting the plane.

3. Comfort

Pillow/Sweater/Jacket – Cozy Socks – Snacks

A cozy sweater or jacket, so that you don’t shiver throughout a plane flight or while traveling in winter. And socks, that your feet are kept nice and warm. Snacks obviously CAN’T be forgotten!

4. Never Forget

Money – Travel Documents – (Portable) Charger – Headphones

Well that you need your documents aka passport, boarding card,etc is obvious. Money, to buy a snack or pay the taxi. A charger in case you used your electronics too much and headphones, for the awesome music on your phone or the movies on the plane.

5. Entertainment

Laptop  – Phone  – Camera  – (e)Book

Laptop, depending on what for a person you are. I use it to edit, write, hear, watch…A camera, or your phone lens, to remember the trip you took. A book, or two, depending on how fast you read and how long you travel. To not get bored. I prefer real books over eBooks…And who doesn’t have their phone with them?

As I still need a good backpack to travel, what do you use???


P.S.: check out my YouTube for the video ;)