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The Minimalist Summer Packlist


I am a minimalist. A proud one! I sort (not only) my closet out very often. I have to say it is getting less and less… But I like it. Very, very much. And so I though about making this post!

I also came up with the idea after traveling to Crete, as I packed way too much (I ended up wearing the same three outfits that week). So here is what you will only need for a week spent in the south of Europe in summer.


Basic-Colored Shirts –
they pair fine to anything and  two to three options are totally
fine, as you will probably also just enjoy the sun in your bikini packlistthe whole day.

Sweater  –
always take one with you at night time, no matter how warm it seems! That is something I learned in my years of going out at night. You don’t want to freeze your butt off, while enjoying an awesome dinner.

Jackets/Cardigans – a jean jacket for the same reason as the sweater, in case you wanna change it up. The cardigan is for a colder morning, when you wake up early and maybe want to take a walk on the beach or so. Or if there is air-conditioning at the breakfast-buffet.


Shorts – for obvious reasons…you need some pants! Two different colored ones is the best way to go, as you can change up an outfit!

Long pair of loose jeans – here again, if it gets colder or if you want to look somewhat chic”er” for a dinner.

Dress – to quickly throw it over, if you don’t  want to walk around in your bikini.


Sneakers – in case you want to explore some sights. I always use my nikes (free 5.0) and you DON’T sweat at all in them.

Ballerinas – for restaurant-dinners and any other occasions for that you need to look nice.

Flip Flops – because they are comfortable and you can’t walk long on hot paths around the hotel. And because it is holidays


Bikini, Sunglasses, Hat – to swim, tan, and not be disturbed by the sun.

All the clothing items are very, very similar to what I took with me to Crete, so check out my outfits in my posts, in case you want to find some inspiration :)