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Planning Holidays and Travelling As A Teen

teen travelling

You are a teen just like me, sometimes wanting to decide WITH your parents where to travel next? Then the following tips may help..well, hopefully ;)

1. Speak Up

Do you parents even know from you dream about visiting a specific location? Because if they don’t, they will never come up with the idea of travelling there, obviously…So maybe the next time you sit together and plan a vacation, talk about your idea and what you would look forward too!

2. Teen Tours

It may seem weird when you first think about it and are a bit younger. But there are actually many offers of organisations of any kind that you can book. They have planned tours to different cities and especially doing this with your friends, you might not feel alone or get homesick! Because sharing new experiences is just so much fun! And no need to worry, the adults travelling with you care for you. Just inform yourself.

3. School Exchanges

Maybe even your school offers exchanges? It is totally worth it! I participated at one of the three offers in mine and went to London about two years ago. The best thing was, that only the people of one grade-year can participate, so you know (almost) all the people coming with you. We travelled the whole way by bus, which is sososo much more fun! :)

4. Relatives

You could ask relatives living abroad to stay with them for a while or over the holidays! It is easier with homesickness as you know them better than a strange family and you can go home whenever you want to, if it is over the holidays.

5. Explore It Yourself

Well this depends on your age, but if your family is more the type of “relaxing-and-staying-in-hotel-the-whole-week”, ask to explore near-by cities yourself or with a sibling

stones n feet

Good luck!



The Dilemma Of Where To Go Next

travel destinations

You want to travel to an awesome destination again but have no idea how to find one? Here I have some tips for you ;)

1. Instagram Hashtags

I know, right? You actually never think about them. But how about this, when you search for a destination or are not sure about your chosen one, type a word, e.g. “rome” into the hashtag-search field and scroll through the upcoming feed. Maybe you realise that you always wanted to visit that place. Or you see it totally is not what you actually imagined and planned.

2. Travelblogs

And don’t tell me that you never went onto a blog about traveling and didn’t look up a random travel they did, just to dream about visiting that place yourself! But do that if you need some inspiration for you holidays!

3. Documentaries

They may be random, but they can plant a bucket-list worthy destination in your head! I watched one about Russia a while ago, and later on about the Indo-China area and oh, you have no idea, I NEED TO GO THERE NOW! ;D Plus while seeing those awesome pictures you actually already learn something.

4. City Next Door

Yeah, why not give it a try? Buy a cheap train ticket or grab your bike if it is near, meet new people there and at night, enjoy the freedom of not knowing anybody and being able to do anything.

5. Keywords

You hear somebody naming a country or a city name randomly pops up in your head? Stop! Write it down and maybe google it later. Who knows what treasure you stumbled upon!

Anymore tips you have? 

Have fun wandering!


Current Top Ten Travel Destinations

Current Top Ten Travel Destinations on  purehumanwanders.wordpress.com

Ready for my first post on this lovely blog?  Here you go : )

This post is about my current top travel destinations and I just realized that they summ up to be exactly ten! I chose the terms “current” and “top” since I am pretty fascinated by them, but they don’t include all of the places I ever want to visit, because that could be the city next door and I would still be thrilled to meet the people living there. Also you wouldn’t be able to see the continents anymore, due to all the arrows. Plus, I don’t want to visit them because numerous famous bloggers mentioned there visits there. We are not trying to be like others on this page! : )


The United States have always been a big dream of mine, just as of pretty much every teenage girl in my age ; ) I have been there once, at the age of four, so you can imagine how much I can remember…But the wish will soon come true. I can’t even describe how excited I am to be spending ten whole months in America, as an exchange student, living with an american family and going to an american high school (a big big big dream of mine, I mean how cool are those lockers?!).


Canada – the wish of visiting that country came up when I discovered the lovely Sophie Gray. She currently lives there and posted among others, pictures of landscapes and mountains near her. I love the magical lakes surrounded by those different shapes.


Aaah Scandinavia and Iceland, how can’t you think of them as beautiful, ice-cold destinations.We can’t forget them. I don’t know why but for some reason when I hear scandinavia I think of Denmark and Iceland too. And of course of wonderful places where you sink into snow until up to your chin. I never have been there before so there is even a bigger attraction to them, at least for me. The different language, which would be interesting to learn, the culture and totally different people.


The arrow pointing into Africa is still alone, as I never really thought of visiting that huge continent. I still don’t have a real image popping up in my head when I hear the word. But if you never heard of the city named Cape Town, type it into Google-Pictures and you will want to book a flight immediately, trust me. Getting in the Vitamin D after the cold countries seems even more appealing now. I do have to admit that snow gives everything a more peaceful look but suntanning at the bottom of Africa doesn’t sound bad either!


Russia and China. Although they are nothing similar I still put them together. That’s because I do really want to see them badly, but I have no idea of them. HongKong is a big point though. Due to the fact that I grew up in Asia for a short time, I can’t really remember much again, I still am fascinated by their lifestyle and culture and the visit of the Big Buddha-statue still remains on my bucket list. A few years ago I watched a little documentery about Russia and I guess it stayed in my head, otherwise the arrow wouldn’t be pointing there.


India. When I first heard about it there was no much attraction. Probably because we watched a little movie about it in school, that didn’t capture the beauty. But since I saw Essena O’Neills experiences and searched for myself, it went straight onto my list! All the abundances of fresh food, temples and awesome people really got me.


Australia and New Zealand, because who would I be if I didn’t know about these sunny locations. First things first, I really am jealous (in a good way though!) of my friend Annika, who is able to stay there for half a year, just at this moment!! Welcome to the Sunshine Coast! Stunning secret places, lovely accents and a whole lotta vegan restaurant options! PARADISE

Enjoy your next vacation