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The USA Bucket-List

Since wanting to visit the U.S for so long now and this dream actually coming true on wednesday (or really more like “thursday, at 1.30am german time”) I will give you a list of things I really want to do while being in South Carolina for ten months! There will probably be added a bunch of things and these are just all the points that came up in my head and that definitely have to be crossed out, otherwise I will not leave the country! ;)

Get inspired or/and tell me your bucketlist-points in the comments!Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-10 um 20.56.40


-get the overwhelming “this is SOOO american” feeling (happened three times very intensely)

-do a road trip (three down)

-meet people outside of school

-make friends in school

-my first school day (August 17th 2015)

-write diary every other day

-learn how to small talk like a ‘pro’

-watch American TV-Commericals (yes this is a thing!)

-have fun in school

-participate at some sport(s) after school

-have a locker

-have a typical sleep-over

-cook something for my family 

-meet the family of my host-parents

-celebrate christmas in the morning, on the 25th

-visit my first real football-game (did go to a basketball game)

-go to a high school football game

-wear the shirt of my school

-go on a jog/walk/hike (or all three)

-take the first selfie with friends (that actually looks good ;)..)

-not trying to make it perfect

-read all bought books (lost count)

-have bad days but embrace them

-receive my year-book (May 11th)

-receive my class-ring

-run at my first track meet (March 30th)

-buy merchandise at a track meet I ran at

-make friends that will last a life time

-feel like a real family member, feel at home

-go to a surprise party (April 23rd 2016)

-go to prom (April 30th 2016)

-go swimming at night

-see seniors in their gowns (May 20th 2016)

-throw a (big) farewell party (May 29th, and it was a surprise too)

-show my German family where I lived (August 17th 2018)

-welcome my American family in our German home

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-10 um 21.13.53


-go to target

-shop at Whole Foods

-visit a “XXL” supermarket (and get lost)

-find a vegan restaurant/place

-go to a movie theater (two times down)

-go to an open air movie-theater (May 20th)

-visit Charleston (April 7th)

-wander around parks

-visit Pennsylvania for thanksgiving

-explore a bunch of states

-visit Boston


This is it (for now)! I will also add this post as a sub-category to the “Mein Auslandsjahr” (engl.:my exchange-year) section in the menu-bar.

Have a great day!

Yours truly, Sophie