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I am weird. One of the weirdest persons you will ever meet.

I don’t have favorite animals or colors. I used to say white, or green, or red,..oh and…..

I like change. To change my room, my interests, the change of anything around me. New experiences. But sometimes that change is too fast for me.

I love a lot of things but don’t always take enough time to do them. Reading, there are so many good books out there. At best when there is a thunderstorm outside and I have enough time to read a book in one sitting. Next to me tea, or coffee. But only one cup, otherwise I get weirder.

Just like after 9pm, that gets weird, ask my friends.

I prefer talking over writing, the old-fashioned way, but I mostly prefer listening to the other person. I have so many things I would like to talk about but never really know how to. Old-fashioned, yes. Sometimes I just want to grab every single electronic device and bann it forever. I hate how I sometimes spend too much time in the web. I doesn’t lead anywhere. Just stop.

I need to keep things tidied up and done as soon as possible. Homework, my room, actually everything. Unless it’s a phone call with a stranger. Awkward….

I like saying that I am too shy for things, but surrounded by my closest friends I blossom up like a bamboo ( they can grow to their full size in only 24h!!…yup its past 9pm right now..)

I can’t sit still for too long. I love fresh air, the kind of air after a storm and a lot of rain. After the leaves are bright green again and the dirt is washed away. Anything can touch my heart. From an old person on the street to a big dog waiting for their owner in front of a store.

I like listening to the birds in the morning and the crickets at night, the sound of a storm blowing through the tree crowns and the bees lured by the sun. Or just sit back at a concert to enjoy an orchestra.

I need some decent time alone but hanging around the family is the best thing for my soul.

So I am weird. Weird but unique.

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