About Me

My name is Sophie and I am 17 years old and German.

I am pretty addicted to creating this blog, which I started because I love taking pictures and filming, to remember moments I lived through and share them with anybody who is interested. Wandering around the world (and nature) is another huge passion of mine and in-between posts about traveling and my exchange, you will find tips and life hacks. Further, food posts are up and will follow, all recommendations are (hclf) vegan restaurants or offer vegan food. Oh and sometimes; sometimes a creative-writing flow hits me and I share “poems” with you :)

As I am participating in an exchange year from August 2015-June 2016 I will write a lot in German, but keep an eye out for previously mentioned creative, emotional odes and poems and quite some hacks and tips, many of them revolving about exchanges and living abroad with your young self.

Enjoy the moments I share and sentences I write. If you are interested in not mission anything that comes to my head and finds its way onto this page, subscribe on the right.




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