The Big ‘How To’ – Safe/Make Money As An Exchange Student (+and reduce your belongings)

Is this even possible, some might ask. “Safe” money, earn money as an exchange student, or maybe even college-student, young and “alone”, having to care about school, friends and so much more.

Or reducing your belongings before leaving again, having to fit everything into a 24kg piece of luggage.

I searched, tried and did find solutions, as I felt guilty spending money, even if it was on food which my parents would have bought anyways.

These few ideas might be expanded in future posts, as my year is long not over yet and I am keen so experience sooo much more, so keep an eye out.

2nd & Charles


Ready for this amazing bookstore? Warning: make sure that you don’t spend more money than you might receive..Grab all the books that you have read and do not need anymore and employers at 2nd&Charles will estimate the value of them. This might not be much, but it also means that sold books are very, very cheap. (I am talking about a starting price of 1$!) Click on the name to take a look at locations near you to get rid of luggage-weight and get back some money.


You might have heard of this app, increasing in popularity. I am unsure about the availability in other countries than the US, but try it out and see. The app is available for free in the App Store and very easy to use. What basically happens is that after/before you went shopping for groceries, clothes, crafts, and anything else, you can redeem a certain amount of the spent money. Don’t ask me how that works but it is pretty awesome! My tip would be to check the “redeem-worthy” items first before going out, to see what you could  buy efficiently.


BUY IN BULK! This hack is for people that care about what and how they eat and that might cook for themselves. As fruits and vegetables are pretty expensive in the States, I try to save the money on other food-products. I have been eating a lot of rice, so I am buying 10lbs bags instead of the 2lbs ones. It might seem crazy at first, to get that much rice at once, but you will eat it anyways and it is only one dollar more expensive, but you get 5 times the amount! Frozen vegetables and fruit can be efficient too, as they last longer and can be cheaper.


Selling clothes might be harder to implement but it still is very useful. You can log onto, or other selling-websites. If you don’t care that much about the money and just want to get rid of some things, ask your friends, or host-siblings, whether they might want to have some of your clothes or shoes.


I hope that you enjoyed these few hack and tips, and that they help you too! :)

See you later,




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