Why I Love Road Trips – And You Should Too


Why I love road trips..that’s easy. Actually, I never thought much about road trips. I like moving myself, taking my bike, walk. Cars were always just a transportation opportunity. Get somewhere fast and easy. Until America. My host parents told me that we would visit their family in November, a ten hour drive. And you know what, I was and still totally am looking forward to it! Especially after the past month. America is so different and people spontaneously drive three hours to go apple picking or a quick forty minutes to get dinner. And it is so much fun (if you don’t have homework waiting for you..) Now I love getting into the car, wondering how long we will drive and what we will see. What landscape is going to fly by the windows. What music is going to be played.

And after the trip to Helen, I am officially in love with road trips and what they bring with them. So here is why, and what to do.


As much as road trips can be awesome being with yourself, simply listening to an audiobook quietly, it is so much fun going on a long trip with the people you love. Just imagine how much fun you have doing the following things..


..like finally having time to really enjoy music and yamming out to your favorite songs, combined in the best road trip playlist you ever had. Just add everybody’s favorite songs and sing and shout along. And don’t forget to turn the volume up!



We all know how much fun it is to eat with a big group of people. So pack the most delicious snacks ever and enjoy them with your friends and family, while listening to awesome music, watching trees pass by and telling each other funny stories.  Or if you are on your own, press play to start the an audiobook and get your popcorn ready.

And don’t forget to stop at a gas station. Because some of them are awesome and have great food!


Landscape Watching

This is one of my favorite things to do. It might sound boring, to me it first did. But I caught myself watching the passing scenery for hours in recent trips I took. It is so much more interesting than staring onto your phone, waiting for the network to appear again. And maybe, depending on where you drive by, a rabbit might be running next to the road, jumping from one bush into another.

That’s all..it is simpe but it is awesome. Just laugh, talk, listen, yam out and eat. Have fun. Enjoy it. As long as you don’t have to drive all the way through it is awesome!!

Do you have a road trip planned? 



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