A Small Guide to Helen: Taking a Week-end Trip


Hello and welcome to an all-english post again! As many of you know, I have visited Helen, Georgia, with my host family over the past labor day-weekend and wanted to share my quick impressions I got from this built-up German town in the middle of the South.



There are a lot of possibilities to book a night in Helen, as the town is run over by visitors, especially during summer and “Oktoberfest season”, which is a reason to book early as the prices are the lowest the earlier you book! We stayed in “Hampton Inn“, a lovely hotel which even provided any kind of toiletries (for women too) that might be laying forgotten at home. And the breakfast was super delicious, satisfying everybody’s stomachs and tastebuds.




Apart from the hotel’s breakfast, there are many options to start the day off. However, if you decide to head to Helen in the morning, stop by by Wendell’s for a nutritious and filling breakfast (available all day long!!!), to kick start your day energized for all your planned activities. Be ready for rather big portions sizes and vegans, the oatmeal is made with water and the bomb dot com with sliced bananas, brown sugar and a side of fruits.



Now for lunch, there are two delicious ways to fill you up. Either snack your way through the town and get your hands on  anything from German pretzels, candy, chocolate, sweets, or bread and cake from the “Hofer’s Bakery” (amazing bread). Or, if you want to have a warm meal, try the Thai restaurant right at the town entrance, which I sadly didn’t get to try.



…was typical German for us. We dined at the German-owned  “Bodensee” (engl. Lake of Constance). Be sure to make a reservation, as it always is full. And because the food is so originally German, be prepared for lots and lots of meat, along with sauerkraut, more pretzels and potato salad. Or, as I did, order a bunch of baked potatoes and veggies (make sure to order them without butter and sour cream).




This is a must for you if you find yourself around Helen/Chattahoochee! There are eight trails, rainging from 0.3 to 11 miles. As we had little time that day due to an insane traffic-jam (Helen only has one road, so come and leave early) but I am so happy that we took a least a small hike and saw the incredible beautiful Anna Ruby Falls.

Horseback Riding (+Zip Lining)



Apart from climbing “mountains”, you can ride them up too ;) Sunburst Stables offers horseback riding in different variations and no need to worry before you get up the horse, one of the staff will show you how to handle their horses and during the ride help you with any troubles, tell you about their woods and even provide you with ice-cream! Photos of you are made too and can be purchased in store or on their website. They even offer a reduced package, if you book zip-lining and horseback riding together.

Water Rafting


And if you haven’t had enough action, try out water rafting with the whole family! We didn’t try it, but people went crazy and busses were driving back and forth, full of people and their “donuts”. Long lines were in front of Cool River Tubings store and the (Cattachoochee) River, as seen above, crowded until late in the afternoon.


Small Stores


Which you can’t miss, as the whole town basically consist of small stores selling “typical” German goods. Anything from chocolate at “Hansel and Gretel” to a christmas store with a big Santa Clause statue.

h and g


Vineyard Vines


On your way in or out of town, stop by one of the vineyards and (if you are old enough!!) taste some of their self-made vines. If you are in season, you can watch the owners make the vine out of the picked grapes or enjoy a small snack-platter outside. The adults tried “Cavender Creek“s vines.



This is another attraction to visit before or after seeing Helen. It is an old mine, now offering tours into it. Our tour guide was incredibly funny and before going into the mine , we panned for our own gold! Gems and other small souvenirs are found in the gift shop too.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! For more and way better impressions of this weekend-trip, stay tuned for my video about Helen and it’s surroundings!



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