The Packing Guide

packing guide

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You need advice on packing? Yeah I get you, the luggage is always too small, you forget at least one essential thing for the holidays or you just need some structure while packing!!! But here we go, I collected some tips to help you with these problems!

A lot of them are actually based on me, doing an exchange year!

I am partly writing this too, because I can look at it when packing later on, to not forget these things myself.

The Suitcase…

It is always better to pack things into a “smaller” suitcase. Yeah, your parents might have this awesome big one that you NEED to bring with you, but wait for a minute! Choose the smaller suitcase, you can’t pack too much into something small (thinking about the weight too) and it is cuter anyway ;)

…with Clothes

Do not pack too many! Better is less, because you can always buy something in the city that you are staying at! Especially for exchange students, pack a bit of everything, chic clothes for special occasions you may be heading to, up until the real cozy stuff.

I will link a playlist down below, with more packing tips, how to pack small and “checklists”.

The Carrie-On

This time, you can choose something bigger.  If you participate on an exchange, pack a fresh set of clothing, that you can change into, before meeting your host-family. That way you can snuggle up on your plane-seat in your favorite pair of sweatpants.

For girls, don’t forget a little make-up bag, that way you don’t have to stress about applying make-up before the flight but can do this later on.

And don’t forget to buy/bring some snacks a long. Oh, and books! A good book can save a long journey!! For more details check THIS POST out.


Here I am for travel-sized all the way! Especially for all those exchange students and the short-trip-takers. They just save up so much space and, I mean come on, who doesn’t buy them because they are mini-editions of big products and look way cuter!

Pack a mini-product of everything, because you can buy the normal-sized products overseas! No need to waste space and weight.


And now, have fun packing!

Do you have any more tips and tricks? Tell me down below!! :)



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