48 Hours In Strasbourg


Strasbourg – the historic place people visit for the European Parliament, the french-german culture and the many, beautiful bridges, parks and side streets. My class and I took a two-day trip to the city, the main cause for the visit being the political side of it. But we obviously had some time to explore too.

Here is what to do and what we did in less than 48 hours.


Hotel Europa – we stayed there with the class. It lies in Kehl, 20min from Strasbourg and especially in the heat, I would recommend sleeping in Strasbourg, as everything is faster to reach and you don’t have to sweat in the heat of the busses nor wait at stations. Other than that the hotel and breakfast were very nice!




City Tour – start of the day with a big breakfast and get to know the city first, by participating at a city tour (there are free ones too!). That way you learn something new and you already get some kind of feeling for the city. Do this in the morning as the afternoon heat will hit you later on.

house with textpicnic


Picnic – my friends and I especially loved the food shopping for lunch. “Simply” , Rue des Grandes Arcades, was our go-to store, quick to reach as it is near all the shops. We would  grab some baguette, fruits and juices and sit on the street, enjoying the food.

Shop – here it is up to you and your taste. You can find anything from Galeries Lafayette to second-hand vintage stores. I really liked “Stradivarius”, a store I already know from last year and just had to visit again.


Dinner – find a cute restaurant along the rhine banks or try the famous, “Tarte Flambee”  –  a kind of “pizza” made from a very thin layer of pastry, topped sweet or savoury. We ordered at Flam’s, an all-you-can-eat restaurant.

Münster – engl. minster, visit it at daytime to see the wonderful architecture and inside of it. And at night, enjoy the stunning “light show” with music. To be seen HERE.




Parks – head to one of the green oases, like “Place de la République” and enjoy the morning hours. Maybe plan the rest of the day or read a book as long as it is not that hot yet.



European Parliament – escape the burning summer-sun to learn something new about politics! The building itself looks very interesting from the outside. We got a tour through it and it was, other than expected after a long, hot day, very very interesting and I do really recommend booking a tour!


Boat Tour – end the trip relaxed at night with a tour on the boat, shipping you along the rhine. Do not take this tour in the noon, as the sun will melt you away! If you want to see the awesome view from the boat, check THIS out.

boat night view

Did you ever go to Strasbourg? What were your highlights? Tell me in the comments!



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