Carrie-On Toiletrie Essentials

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The ultimate essentials for a long travel journey! You may need more things, but I like to pack as little and small as possible. And these are the things I always need!

Never forget these essentials for your quick reachable toiletries…!!


1. Make-Up – Here try to really ONLY pack the things you need. For me, that is my favourite go-to mascara and q-tips, in case I mess up. Maybe a brow-filler and lip-balm, but that’s it!

2. Brush – Because if you are not a fan of buns or pony-tails or you meet somebody special after a long flight, you shouldn’t have a bad-hair day! You don’t need to pack a big brush though. Just  a travel-sized one or a small comb.

3. Hair-Ties and Bobby-Pins – This is a must-have for me, because I hate having my hair in my face during a (maybe stressfull) check-in or for any longer than 4 hours actually…

4. Moisturizer – Trust me, having dry hands is no fun! So make sure to pack something to keep your hands (and face) moisturized.

5. Desinfection – For in-between meals or if the soap in the washrooms is empty. Keep the nasty bacteria away! You can buy desinfecting tissues too..

6. Back-Ups – By this I mean contact lenses in case you loose one or whipes for glasses if you are like me and are ever good at cleaning them ;) And maybe a small dental floss, just in case.

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