6 Ways to Avoid Homesickness


In my text about homesickness I already told you a bit what to do against it. Here are six more tips how to avoid this feeling!

1. Surround Yourself With People

Even if you don’t feel like it! Every minute spend with someone is better than sitting alone in your room. It builds up your new relationships, that will maybe last forever!

2. Evenings

Don’t spend too many evenings alone. Especially showering in the evening is no good idea, because you just have “too much time to think”. Instead, stay with people until right before you go to bed.

3. Talk

Whether it is your host-mom, a new friend or you local coordinator, tell them your fears/problems instead of keeping it all to yourself!

4. Avoid Social Media

Social Media can be very tricky…Especially when you are “alone” in a foreign country, scrolling through your friends’ feeds and seeing what they are doing while you aren’t there. Leave your accounts as much alone as possible and use them when you fly back home again!

5. Your Bucketlist

Make a bucket list to be and stay excited about your trip! All these things you can do, but only when you are in the new country, and that homesickness-less!

6. Continue Your Hobbies

You have something you are really passionate about, like an art class or your favourite sport? Continue to do this in the new country! It is something familiar you feel comfortable doing and will let you forget your thoughts about wanting back.

The video about it HERE


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