homesickness wout

Homesickness is weird.

It is this feeling in your chest, sometimes in your tummy, a lot in your heart.

It pulls you back to a place.

Back to normal, back to casual, back to usual.

It forces you to go back to easier.

But life is not always easy.

Life is exploring, challening, not excepting excuses.

Life. Is. Beautiful.

 Homesickness is not where you are, but with who you are.

So go out, meet people. Laugh. Cry. Try.

But stay and be yourself and master the challenges.

May there be a culture-shock, a falsefriend, no time with family and too much alone.

 Go through it, push through it and find the beauty after every though way.

Just like climbing the ugly wall of a mountain just to enjoy the most beautiful sunset of your day.

Your life.

Hug the unknow and welcome it. Form it to your own little journey.

Yes there will be homesickness.

But isn’t seeing the world so much cooler?


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