Planning Holidays and Travelling As A Teen

teen travelling

You are a teen just like me, sometimes wanting to decide WITH your parents where to travel next? Then the following tips may help..well, hopefully ;)

1. Speak Up

Do you parents even know from you dream about visiting a specific location? Because if they don’t, they will never come up with the idea of travelling there, obviously…So maybe the next time you sit together and plan a vacation, talk about your idea and what you would look forward too!

2. Teen Tours

It may seem weird when you first think about it and are a bit younger. But there are actually many offers of organisations of any kind that you can book. They have planned tours to different cities and especially doing this with your friends, you might not feel alone or get homesick! Because sharing new experiences is just so much fun! And no need to worry, the adults travelling with you care for you. Just inform yourself.

3. School Exchanges

Maybe even your school offers exchanges? It is totally worth it! I participated at one of the three offers in mine and went to London about two years ago. The best thing was, that only the people of one grade-year can participate, so you know (almost) all the people coming with you. We travelled the whole way by bus, which is sososo much more fun! :)

4. Relatives

You could ask relatives living abroad to stay with them for a while or over the holidays! It is easier with homesickness as you know them better than a strange family and you can go home whenever you want to, if it is over the holidays.

5. Explore It Yourself

Well this depends on your age, but if your family is more the type of “relaxing-and-staying-in-hotel-the-whole-week”, ask to explore near-by cities yourself or with a sibling

stones n feet

Good luck!



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