The Dilemma Of Where To Go Next

travel destinations

You want to travel to an awesome destination again but have no idea how to find one? Here I have some tips for you ;)

1. Instagram Hashtags

I know, right? You actually never think about them. But how about this, when you search for a destination or are not sure about your chosen one, type a word, e.g. “rome” into the hashtag-search field and scroll through the upcoming feed. Maybe you realise that you always wanted to visit that place. Or you see it totally is not what you actually imagined and planned.

2. Travelblogs

And don’t tell me that you never went onto a blog about traveling and didn’t look up a random travel they did, just to dream about visiting that place yourself! But do that if you need some inspiration for you holidays!

3. Documentaries

They may be random, but they can plant a bucket-list worthy destination in your head! I watched one about Russia a while ago, and later on about the Indo-China area and oh, you have no idea, I NEED TO GO THERE NOW! ;D Plus while seeing those awesome pictures you actually already learn something.

4. City Next Door

Yeah, why not give it a try? Buy a cheap train ticket or grab your bike if it is near, meet new people there and at night, enjoy the freedom of not knowing anybody and being able to do anything.

5. Keywords

You hear somebody naming a country or a city name randomly pops up in your head? Stop! Write it down and maybe google it later. Who knows what treasure you stumbled upon!

Anymore tips you have? 

Have fun wandering!



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