Travel Guide : The East Of Crete

intro pic I am no expert in giving travel advice nor want to tell you what you have to visit, but as I traveled to Crete for one week, wandering around the eastern parts, I thought I should tell you some awesome places I saw and tried out. Not too many things listed here, as I did enjoy some days just sunbathing and eating in the hotel.

knossos me

 -Knossos’ ruins-


 -resting and exploring on Spinalonga-

elounda boat station

 -Elounda’s boat station to visit Spinalonga-


  • Knossos – the ruins of the palace are interesting to see, but not for everybody. One tour takes at least 1.5h but luckily we had a really nice tour guide, Irini, telling us loads of information in that short time. Without a guide you are pretty much lost, but there are many language offers from the guides inside Knossos.
  • Spinalonga – the isle of the lepra colony. It was insane to see how they lived there. The houses are still remained as they were in the 50s/60s. You have one hour time to walk around the island before a boat picks you up again.
  • Old National Road – Beauty at its finest, honestly! We only drove the road once, at around 4am on the way to the airport. The sunrise was breathtaking! It goes directly along the sea, with the best view in probably whole Crete. Not. Even. Kidding. And I mean, how cool is the name?!

knossos cafe menu

-one of the tables in Knossos’ Coffee Shop-


-appetizer plate and vegetarian (but very oily) main course with a really nice view-

ag nikolaos bridge

 -a cute spot at the small harbor-


  • Vritomartes – a taverna that directly pops into your eye when you arrive in Elounda. It lies in the middle of all the other tavernas, right on the water. There are many meal options, but avoid it when you don’t like oily food or ask for meals without oil. The view is amazing!
  • In Sisi – Sisi is definitely worth visiting because of it’s many tavernas/restaurants directly at the sea with a really nice view! Try to visit it at night, when the view is even more gorgeous. And in the summer time they are even fuller which makes it more fun! We didn’t eat there, but I thought you might be interested :)
  • Coffee Shop in Knossos – It lies directly after the entry to the ruins of Knossos. Many seats and gorgeously decorated with oranges and many many flowers! Try the fresh orange juice! And it even has a small terrace.
  • Zygos – at the waterside of the smaller harbor in Agios Nikolaos, lovely place with a small bridge and near the big harbor. Had the big orange juice, hydrated me in that heat! 

market collage -fresh produce on the market-

heraklion bath salt

 -my favorite store (in Heraklion), selling these bath salts and incredibly delicious fig bars –


  • Hersonisos’ Road – It is approx. 2km long and has many shops. Sadly they all sell relatively the same, aka olive oil products and tourist souvenirs, but in-between there are stores selling clothes and other interesting things.
  • Market in Agios Nikolaos – It takes place twice weekly, always in a different quarter, selling food and clothes. It is relatively small but still nice to visit.

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 To see the places more detailed and get a few more infos on my one-week stay on you go:


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