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So, since the last wander was in february and very short, and the holidays were starting, it was time for another place to be explored. Am I right?!

Up until a few days before the take-off my family and I didn’t know where to go. We got some offers from a local travel agency and finally decided to head to – Crete, Greece.

At first I had my doubts. In an school-exchange many years ago, me having insane troubles with homesickness, I had to sleepĀ at a greek family in Austria for one night. It went down really bad and left me with a kebab-trauma. But as the week-end came closer, I got more and more excited for this trip. I have never visited Crete/Grece before, neither the ancient buildings and historical places that look so awesomely greek.


And until now, after the first three days…well what can I say, I feel like I am in a small paradise. Every morning I wake up to a beautiful sunshine and a really yummy breakfast buffet (and lunch buffet and dinner buffet not to be forgotten..). It continues with tanning and swimming in the beautiful sea, that I prefer over pools. And while I am at it, I learn bits of the greek language too!

The hotel I am staying at lies up in the north of Crete, going more into the east than west. It has a main restaurant only serving buffets but spread throughout the complex are “themed restaurant”. The first dinner we took here was at the “Barbecue Restaurant”. The only thing way better than the food? The view!!!


I will keep you updated, in written and photographed form!

Videos will obviously follow too ;)



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