5 Tips to : Get the most out of Shorttrips

Hello there.

As you read in my last post, I visited the beautiful city Milan over the weekend. I also mention that I didn’t have enough time…don’t even ask, I’m not happy about it…

As I had this problem several times now, I worked out 5 things that have helped me to enjoy my full-packed trip without stressing. (Don’t forget to check the video out at the end)

tips-shorttrips tn


And I’m serious here guys! You don’t need ten tops and five pairs of jeans for a couple of days. Neither all of your different mascaras. Actually this is the perfect opportunity to try out the awesome ways of living minimalistic (I personally love it). Save the space and stress to search for outfits and grab what you packed! It also is so much easier to travel with only one small bag.


If you don’t travel by car but by plane, train or any other public transportation, do not forget to bring an extra bag with you to store everything that you bought during your stay! Or pack your few things in a “larger” bag, to still remain with only one luggage piece! Please don’t naively bring your goodies in the “store/shopping-bags” along, they will only break, especially if not made out of plastic.


You don’t really wanna stay stuck at the place that you are staying at, am I right? To avoid this, just quickly check the subway-/bus-/taxi possibilities in advance.


Another thing to prepare before you head off. Inform yourself about the best shops and restaurants to visit or maybe you already know some. The best ways to collect them is to use an app (“Maps” from Apple or “Google Maps”) and save the directions. No need to stress about lost notes ;)


After completing the step above, see if you can find “areas”, meaning that all the shops and restaurants, that you want to visit, are in one area, or a couple of areas. That way you can visit one area per day and you avoid running 10 times through the whole city in only a few hours.

I hope that these tips were helpful!

Video on this HERE

Lots of love



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