Weekend-Trip to Milan

Hello again…

I know it’s been a long time since the last post, but I just did not really have anything interesting to write about…

But now onto a place a haven’t visited before, until this easter week-end : Milan! Yup, that “fashion city” in Italy, you heard it right. My family quickly decided to visit the city.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-06 um 10.55.47

I have to say, I only heard of the city a couple of times and this will probably stay like this.

When I think of Italy, Rome, Florence and Venice come to my mind, I knooowww, I know. ´But I have never visited these cities and there is a rumor that Venice will be drowned in about ten years. Crazy right?


-View on the dome on top of “La Rinascente “-

Back to Milan, or Milano, as the Italians say. We arrived Friday evening, only visiting the dome – Duomo – that day. On saturday my mom, sister and I headed right to the shopping streets near the previously visited dome. Shopping time ;) As it sadly becomes tradition, our family never has enough time..So only a couple hours it was. On sunday a short visit in an exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci was made and back to home we went. The exhibition was really interesting! Many of his ideas and inventions were shown and built. The exhibition won’t be open for ever, so check it out soon, it’s worth a visit!


-one of the large shopping streets-

The city itself was typical italian! Many tiny streets, old buildings and some small, narrow houses. The city seemed really “dark” because of the many tall and old buildings. It was a nice shopping-opportunity packed place to visit, but I couldn’t imagine staying there for longer, to be honest. As many of Italys cities, this one was packed with culture and historical buildings too, which I personally love. I prefer old flairs over over-modernized quarters. But this place wasn’t for me….especially because I love, love, looove asian food… ;)


-aperitif in our hotel-

A little tip for the end – definitely keep something to write with you, to document the great outfit-ideas and combinations that the girls in Milan wear!

Ever traveled to Italy?




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